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Meet Juulia

BACP Accredited Counsellor, Edinburgh

Hi, I’m Juulia. I work with individuals struggling with anxiety and perfectionism.


I’ve been working in mental health for what feels like forever but there was a time when I had very different plans for my career. Seventeen-year-old me might be a touch disappointed I did not become a lawyer in a pink power suit similar to Elle Woods from Legally Blonde.

I normally introduce myself as a bit of a cultural cocktail as I have lived on three continents and 8 countries to date. As a result, my accent is ‘generically North American’ though my passport says I am from Finland.


I am no stranger to big life transitions and obstacles, and my own experiences of having to re-orientate and pivot are what have led me to become a therapist.

I'm also a recovering perfectionist myself and I bring my lived experience to my work with clients. 

Supporting others to learn the skills they need to cope and manage their own perfectionism, anxiety, and life transitions is what drives my love for my work.


My approach to therapy is very much like my approach to life; The aim is to learn to be flexible and meet the needs that come up. That means I draw from a number of different approaches when I collaborate with clients and really value my client's input into what the right therapy for them should be. If you are ready to learn a little bit more about my professional qualifications, then click the button below my photo. 


I have been in Scotland for over 10 years now and Edinburgh has become my home. When I am not wearing my therapist hat some of my favourite activities include dabbling in a bit of art, sofa karaoke, and watching nostalgic movies on Netflix.

Please ask me any questions using the contact form below and if you feel ready to start making a plan on how we can work together, book an initial session with the button below.


I look forward to connecting with you soon,



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Certified Online Counsellor

Initial Session

A 50 minute session over Zoom for us to go over your goals for therapy.


Ongoing Sessions

Regular 50 minute sessions held over Zoom at a frequency that fits your needs.



  • MA of Psychology (First Class Honors)

  • COSCA Postgraduate Certificate in Counselling Skills (Distinction)

  • BACP Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling (Distinction)

  • Level 1 Certificate Narrative Therapy

  • Level 1 Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

  • ACT for Anxiety & Depression

  • ACT for Trauma
  • ACT for Perfectionism and People Pleasing (CPD Course)

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Online & Telephone Counselling Certificate

Past and Present Positions

  • Current Ambassador & Trainer, The Creative Counsellors Club

  • Former Manager, Pregnancy Counselling & Care (Scotland)

  • Current Director, HARRA - Employee Wellbeing Provider


  • I am fully insured with Holistic Insurance


  • I abide by the code of ethics and complaints procedure set by the BACP. I attend regular supervision to ensure ethical practice.

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